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The HarleyJames Place
In demand voice over artist from
York City to Miami, Florida
The Harley James
Through the years, many people have asked me"what 's it like to be a disc-jockey.

I entered the business because I loved music. I also love being part of so many lives through the magic of radio.
Being a disc jockey, radio personality, air talent and so on is special to me because each day, across the country, thousands and thousands of listeners tune to radio to hear music, information and their favorite radio voice.

Listeners embrace radio as a dependable "friend" and turn to radio at happy times, sad times, lonely and vulnerable times.
Radio is also the popular first choice for weather, news, sports and traffic information.
So what's it's like to be a dj? Well, I enter the WJBR studios every Saturday for my 2-7pm airshift with an excitement deep in my heart. This is the same feeling I had when I did my first show on WDVL-FM in Vineland, New Jersey in April 1973, and WWBZ, WOND, WMGM, WSLT, WIBG, WPEN and now WJBR. It's similar to the feeling you get walking into a room with a bunch of your friends. You can't wait to talk to them, share stories, tell a few jokes and laugh a bit. It's just a good feeling of happiness.
That's what it's like to be a disc jockey.

A few questions and answers for Harley James:

How old are you?

I am 16. Please don't believe WJBR's Paul Lewis if he tells you I'm younger.
Is that beard real?
No, it's fake. However I wear a "skinpiece" on my head.
Favorite TV show?
The original "Outer Limits" and of course "The Flying Nun." Never miss an episode. It's amazing how Sally Field could fly like that.
Is Harley James your real name?
What is your real name?
No, "what" is not my real name.
Do you really own a "Harley-mobile?"
Of course. I love the duct tape option holding up the tailpipe.
Do you smoke?
Only when I drive the "Harley-mobile." Don't get too close because the smoke gets blinding.
Anything you want to add?
Ah, well, yeah, well, let me see, ah, well, I think that, ah, mmmm, I guess that, ah, maybe, no.

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