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Some Really Cool Radio Collectibles
In the mid-90s, Joe Niagara and his wife Evelyn decided to move from their house on Philly's Main Line to a smaller
condo. Joe had a lot of radio stuff from his radio career, all boxed up in his den. Knowing my nature for being a
radio "pack rat", Joe gave me one of those boxes. Some of the goodies are pictured below!
At Left:
The "Evelyn Niagara Radio 99"
lighter, with her autograph at top and the old
WIBG "Lamp Post" logo.

Above: A larger view of
The "Evelyn Niagara Radio 99" Lighter
"Rockin' Bird Cup!"
Left: Vintage WIBG Coffeecup with original "Rockin' Bird"
Coffee Stains!
Above: WOGL-FM "Pink Caddy" Mug
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