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The Charlie Mills Place WPEN
Through the years, many people have asked me what 's it like to be a disc-jockey.

I entered the business because I love music. I also love being part of so many lives through the magic of radio. It's an important and meaningful career and responsibility.
Being a disc jockey, radio personality, air talent and so on is special to me because each day, across the country, thousands and thousands of listeners tune to radio to hear music, information and their favorite radio voice.
Listeners embrace radio as a dependable "friend" and turn to radio at happy times, sad times, lonely and vulnerable times.
Radio is also the popular first choice for weather, news, sports and traffic information. And now the internet has given radio a new and exciting global opportunity!

So what's it's like to be a dj?

Well, every time I enter a studio I feel excitement deep in my heart. My mind races with ideas and I get a "rush" knowing that I again have the privilege of being on the radio! This feeling is as strong and vivid now as when I did my first show on WDVL-FM in Vineland, New Jersey in April 1973, and WWBZ, WOND, WMGM, WSLT, WIBG, WPEN and now WJBR and NJ101.5. It's similar to the feeling you get walking into a room with a bunch of your friends. You can't wait to talk to them, share stories, tell a few jokes and laugh a bit. It's just a good feeling of happiness.

That's what it's like to be a disc jockey. Radio is a friend. It's been my friend since I was 6 years old. I love it!

What would life be
without Radio?
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